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Fullscreen in flash

I am always confused with the fullscreen issue in flash in browser. At last,after many experiments i have developed a player which will support fullscreen. As this player may not be so good as many other Flash videoplayer ,consider as a experiment. The player will receive the path to the flv as "path" param . You can watch my experiment here. I am happy to share my files with you. You can download from here It containts: 1.The .fla file developed in "Flash CS3" file 3.player.swf 4.flv folder which contain the flv file. For testing purpose copy any flv of size 400 X 300 and rename as test and open the html in browser. Please comment your opinions ,suggetions and doubts... NOTE:The file developed in FLASH CS3 2.The Flv should be exactly of 400X300 size.