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Network Manager in Fedora 9

Nearly after one year I again tried to install GNU/Linux on my desktop. Last week I have installed Ubuntu-8.04 in my friend's machine and the desktop was really appealing. So, this time I decided to install the bleeding edge Fedora 9 in my machine. I have managed some free space in the machine and installed Fedora without much hassles. The installation was very quick and it took almost 40 minutes to complete. Since I was not a casual GNU/Linux user, I ran into a couple of issues. First problem was with the Interrnet configuration. Later I discovered that the DNS address that I gave was wrong. The new Fedora theme and the package manager was wonderful. I added the livna rpm repository and installed my favourite VLC media player. Another great feature is the Malayalam support - after some minor tweakings from SMC, I was able to read and write Malayalam in and Mozilla Firefox. Things were smooth until I rebooted the machine next time. When I reboot the machine, I wa

Flash Live Streaming Player

After a long time i am back with my player.This time i want to use my player as a live player.The changes where simple and it is handy to develop this functionality in Flash Media Server 3.I just uploaded the source and you can download it from here . The source is developed in Adobe Flash CS3. How to setup the player? 1. Install Flash MediaServer 3 2. Install Adobe Flash Media encoder 2.5 3. Check there is an application called live in your Application folder in the FMS installation directory. 4. Attach any video device(webcam) to the computer. 5. Start FMS and Media Encoder 6. Check Stream to Flash Media Server section in media endcoder 7. set the FMS url "rtmp://localhost/live/" and Stream "livestream" 8. Check the You can the stream name and application in it. 9. Start the media encoder that's all ready to check the player. Enjoy it.... feel free to contact me for help...I will try my level best...

Flash FLV player using PHP

After a long experiments , i have developed another player which uses XMOOV for streaming.Actually i got this php from .I didn't change the php file instead of it i developed a player using this php. The player will start streaming anywhere from the file and it also make the seeking operation in the cached file. Download Source here I have no server space so i use freewebs space ,.Pls forgive me :D The main problem of this technology is the performance of the php server.It need a good php server which can handle more requests at a time. Other problem is the encoding of the flv. Flv file should be added with the 'keyframes' metadata . So it need another utility called metadata injector ,which will inject metadata to the flv. It can be downloaded from here. That's all ..... and all other ups to you. Try this.. If you are using this file please let me know your feedback.