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How to create key hash in Windows 7 64bit

Recently i tried to get started with Facebook SDK for Android . Actually there is a good tutorials for getting started in facebook developer site. I followed this link

I created a sample app in Facebook developer site and added the key hash in App setting . but When started the app i found the Facebook Authentication is working at all.I got
Mobiletest is misconfigured for Facebook login. Press okay to go back to the application without connecting to facebook
If you press okay it will go back to the application. And it will show an error like
Login Failed: invalid_key: android key mismatch. Your key "abcdefghijklmns" Does not match tje allowed keys specified in your application Settings
This is because you have entered a wrong key in Apps settings in
After lot of googling i found that the keytool am using giving a wrong key hash. The error is caused by Opens…