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Building my Homeserver : Operating System

It’s the second part of my homeserver build. You can find the first part here.
I have initially planned to use NAS4Free for the os. But later changed to Centos 7 as Redhat distributions were my favourite one. And also i would like use GitLab and need run the server as well as NAS server as well as a testing Home Server. As it’s hard to use a  wired  connection to the router i compelled to use a Wifi dongle which will not be supported by the NAS4Free.
First installed Centos 7 (1406) minimal install. To my surprise it detected the WIfi dongle i have used the static ip of Using RAID 10 in my 4 500GB HDD i have successfully installed the server and also i have installed the Webmin which will accesible through . But when i updated the packages the Wifi simply stop to work. It’s showing in the nmtui but not activating . It’s status is DOWN. Then i downloaded Centos 7 (1503) and reinstalled it. The problem is it’s showing in the installation screen b…