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Bitcoin mining - a rookie experience

Happy New Year It's my first blog post in year 2018 and it's a new technology. So it's crypto currency time. Wherever we look it's bitcoin and altcoins. After some thought i decided to try the blockchain. Just like any other technologies i used in the past, i decided to go for something small and easy one. Mining. Before understanding anything about blockchain, i tried mining. Yes I know it's not profitable one. but decided to go for it just to have some beginning. Mining So everywhere i looked for mining, it's always high-end GPU/ASIC. I don't have a decent CPU with me. And it says CPU mining is not profitable. Okay. I agree. And i still went for CPU mining. Just because i would like to start taste the bitcoin. Wallet So  we need some wallet for keeping my precious currency. Am from India and i found ZepPay  . It's a mobile based online wallet. Oh, so there is online and offline wallet. Do i need to go for offline wallet which is mor