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Customise Combobox/DropDown in Flash

I am always wonder how to customise the Combobox component in Flash . It's easy to change the skin. Simply double click the component , enter each movieclip and change the style. But ever wonder how to change text color and it's position. I will try to point out step by step procedure for customise it. 1. First create a class which extends ComboBox. I used  DropDownComboBox for class name. 2. Second create another class for Cell render which extends  CellRenderer. I used DropDownCellRenderer; 3. Open a new flash document  and insert a combobox component in the stage. 4. Select ComboBox clip in the library. Right click on it and select Properties.   5. In the properties panel change the default Class to the custom class you wrote . ie,  DropDownComboBox  6. Inside the DropSownComboBox constructer function type this code  dropdown.setStyle('cellRenderer', DropDownCellRenderer); 7. If you need to change the Text of ComboBox type the below code t

Squirrel and Ashoka

squirrel , a set on Flickr.