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Building my Homeserver : Webmin administration

It’s time to install webmin .  Webmin is a web based system administration for unix based system. Webmin is accessible through any browser. For more info visit the website . But before we need to setup something  before. It’s a minimal install so it needs to install wget first. yum install wget Next we will install some other requirements for webmin yum -y install perl perl-Net-SSLeay openssl perl-IO-Tty There’s actually 2 ways to install webmin as the website states . One is using the yum repos and other is downloading the rpm. I prefer rpm that’s why i installed wget first. Next we will download the webmin rpm. wget Next we will install the rpm rpm -U webmin-1.760-1.noarch.rpm Once the webmin is installed it is accessible through the network using the port 10000 and also through https. But in centos we need to add the port and https in to the firewall. Run the following commands.