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Flash Live Streaming Player

After a long time i am back with my player.This time i want to use my player as a live player.The changes where simple and it is handy to develop this functionality in Flash Media Server 3.I just uploaded the source and you can download it from here . The source is developed in Adobe Flash CS3. How to setup the player? 1. Install Flash MediaServer 3 2. Install Adobe Flash Media encoder 2.5 3. Check there is an application called live in your Application folder in the FMS installation directory. 4. Attach any video device(webcam) to the computer. 5. Start FMS and Media Encoder 6. Check Stream to Flash Media Server section in media endcoder 7. set the FMS url "rtmp://localhost/live/" and Stream "livestream" 8. Check the You can the stream name and application in it. 9. Start the media encoder that's all ready to check the player. Enjoy it.... feel free to contact me for help...I will try my level best...