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MEAN js Application structure

It's a continuation of previous post . Lets discuss about the application structure in a MEAN.js Application. Actually MEAN follows a MVC(Model-View-Controller). There are mainly two types of application structure for MVC. 1. Horizontal Folder Structure         This type of structure follows the division on functional role rather than the feature.The files and folders will kept inside a application folder .  There will be one controller folder for all application controllers. Horizontal structure is for simple projects where the features were limited. An example for this structure is app ----controllers ----models ----routes ----views config ----env ----strategies ----config.js ----express.js public ----config ----controllers ----directives ----css ----filters ----images ----views ----services server.js package.json app folder consists of all the files or the server side files. app/controllers folder holds all express controller logic. app/models folder ho