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Building my Homeserver : Hardware

I have been planning to build a cheap home server since my external HDD failed unexpectedly. My initial search leads to FreeNAS. But after posting foolish questions in forum i found out that it requires better hardware as it’s based on ZFS. ECC supported RAM and MOBO will be a cost overhead for my rig as i decided to go for some second hand hardware. Then i found this NAS4Free. It’s not simple as FreeNAS but it’s based on UFS so it need not be a heavy hardware. I bought a second hand i3 pc with four hdd and ran NAS4free for 3-4 days. One of it’s hdd failed sometime. I think the problem is with the PSU. So i bought a new Corsair vs450 .So that’s my rig. Lets see the spec. Mobo : Intel Desktop Board DH55TC CPU : Core i3 530 @ 2.93Ghz RAM : 2GB Kingston PSU : Corsair vs450 HDD : 1 x 500GB WD Green 3 X 500GB Seagate Here is some pictures :  Front : My 140MM deepcool Fan  Side View  HDD bay Mobo Ram My Cable Mangement (Later