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Getting Started with MEAN.js

Recently am into Javscript development like node, angular etc. And i came across this awsome stack just like WAMP . It's called MEAN and am so much excited about this stack. MEAN stands for 
Mongodb]- The DatabaseExpress - The serverside frameworkAngular - The Client side MVC frameworkNode.js - the server or the server side runtime There are two major MEAN generators availbale , MEAN.js and . Both gives a kickstart  in MEAN development. But note than MEAN stack development is possible without these. 
Both are theoratically same and uses same technologies and also developed by same guy, Amos Haviv. Am write down my "Getting started" experience with MEAN.js. 
For MEAN.js you need these technologies installed.
Node.jsGitMongodb After installing these , open a terminal and type:
npm install -g grunt-cli
Next Install bower

npm install -g bower
Next install yeomen generator

npm install -g generator-meanjs
So the Installation all over. Make sure mongod service running and …