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Network Manager in Fedora 9

Nearly after one year I again tried to install GNU/Linux on my desktop. Last week I have installed Ubuntu-8.04 in my friend's machine and the desktop was really appealing. So, this time I decided to install the bleeding edge Fedora 9 in my machine. I have managed some free space in the machine and installed Fedora without much hassles. The installation was very quick and it took almost 40 minutes to complete. Since I was not a casual GNU/Linux user, I ran into a couple of issues. First problem was with the Interrnet configuration. Later I discovered that the DNS address that I gave was wrong. The new Fedora theme and the package manager was wonderful. I added the livna rpm repository and installed my favourite VLC media player. Another great feature is the Malayalam support - after some minor tweakings from SMC, I was able to read and write Malayalam in and Mozilla Firefox. Things were smooth until I rebooted the machine next time. When I reboot the machine, I wa