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On Vacation

Am on vacation and will not be available till Dec 2010.  Wish you a Happy New Year

Adding proxy in YUM Fedora 13

Recently i need a linux machine in my office for server . So i installed Fedora 13 and try to install mysql server using yum. But i can't complete it because yum is not connecting to internet. It's because of our proxy server.  Before 2 months i installed Fedora 12 and failed to install Mysql using yum. I just searched for setting proxy in yum and got the answer for it. This is the solution, 1. open /etc/yum.conf 2. add proxy=http://proxyaddress:port Voila :D , it works fine for me. Atlast my 3 months quest ends here . :P .

Perspective problem in Flash native 3D

Nowadays am busy with some projects in flash using it's native 3D. In this post i like to share my experience with flash 3D. The native 3D in flash Player 10 is awesome. I used some flash coverflow and 3D picture gallery in project. First it seems very easy but soon i found that resizing of the stage cause some problems in the 3D perspective. I searched everywhere and found some wonderfull thing. Whenever we use 3D properties flash will automatically convert it to some bitmap and its in the 3D space. After that if we try to resize the stage and align the component according to the stage size flash projectioncenter will change . So we need to reset it by using the following code. stage.addEventListener(Event.RESIZE,onSize); private function onSize(e:Event) { root.transform.perspectiveProjection.projectionCenter=new Point(stage.stageWidth/2,stage.stageHeight/2); }

Why i like to use Casalib

I just started playing Actionscript 3.o. And I got some problem with Evnts. My code looks like something like this. My movieClip Class is like this. package{ import flash.display.MovieClip; import; public class MC extends MovieClip { var val=1; var _o; public function MC() { _o=this; _o.addEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,onLoop); } private function onLoop(e:Event) { trace(val); val++; } } } It's the code in the main.fla b1_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN,clicked); var m:MC=new MC(); addChild(m); function clicked(e:MouseEvent) { removeChild(m); m=null; } The problem i get is with enterframe. After removing the Movieclip from the stage, enterframe don't stop it's working. So i posted this in forums. It's the problem of garbage collection. Till now am playing with Actionscript 2.0 i never think about the garbage collection. The solution is to remove listeners manually or just use REMOVED_FROM_STAGE or REMO

External models in Papervision3D

I think am taking a bit more interest in Actionscript 3.0 . Coz now am trying Papervision3D . The thing attracted me most is the loading of external model to flash . So i searched google and got this book. I got what am looking for , in the free chapter . First i can't understand a word from that .Coz i have little exposure in 3D. So i worked with my genius designer and after a a long struggle am able to load the external models to flash. I decided to document the steps. For this you need these 1. Flash professional 2. Autodesk 3D studio 3. Papervision3D 4. Collada plugin You can use 2 plugin's one is from here and another from open collada better use opencollada as it is has less dependancies. The former one requires updating the VC and DirectX . Download it from here http://www.micr

Flash FLVPlayer in ActionScript 3.0

Actionscript 3.0 , oh my god am scared of it . Whenever i know about actionscript 3.0 am confused with it.I have exposure only in AS 2.0 . I searched google for a year and could not get rid of this fear. I read several books but none help me to understand the AS 2.0 . I have a good exposure in JAVA . But the thing is i can't differentiate OOPs with timeline based one. Then i got this book. Learning ActionScript 3.0 by Rich Shupe and Zevan Rosser It's wonderful and awesome . When started reading this book my curiosity cross the limits and started to experiment with AS 3.0. As my main area is video , i experiment it with a flv player . It may have problems and ubiquitous as it is my first experiment with AS 3.0. Anyway am sharing my source code and expecting some comments over it. Requirements 1. Flash CS4 2. Learning ActionScript 3.0

Dynamic XML/PHP driven rotating scroller using Tweenlite

Oh My god , i had a blog here. I really forgot about this. :( Now it's time to update my blog with a new thing . It's not so good one. Just tried to develop one simple scroller with rotating thumbs. You can change it to a XML/PHP driven scroller. Till now am using Adobe default tween and Tweener class . Then i found another famous one , Tweenlite .It's fast and reliable for me. I never tried it. So decide to try it and develpoed a simple scroller. You can have the source here . Requirements 1. Flash CS4 2. TweenLite AS2.0 It's just another example . You can change to dynamic one by XML or PHP.