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Getting Started with MEAN.js

Recently am into Javscript development like node, angular etc. And i came across this awsome stack just like WAMP . It's called MEAN and am so much excited about this stack. MEAN stands for  Mongodb ]- The Database Express - The serverside framework Angular - The Client side MVC framework Node.js - the server or the server side runtime There are two major MEAN generators availbale , MEAN.js and . Both gives a kickstart  in MEAN development. But note than MEAN stack development is possible without these.  Both are theoratically same and uses same technologies and also developed by same guy, Amos Haviv . Am write down my "Getting started" experience with MEAN.js.  For MEAN.js you need these technologies installed. Node.js Git Mongodb After installing these , open a terminal and type: npm install -g grunt-cli Next Install bower npm install -g bower Next install yeomen generator npm install -g generator-meanjs So

Save image from Flash using Node.js and

I have been working on Node.js and Actionscript 3.0 for couple of day. I have searched everywhere for help to connect and flash. But i couldn't find anything decent. Most of them where outdated. Lets' check the requiremnts Node.js 0.6 FlashSocket FlexSdk Flash IDE Before starting i would like say something about version. Flashsocket din't work on latest and i couldn't work out any solution. And also FlashSocket need FlexSdk and also websocket .  Node js  First install in to the application directory .Note the version it's 0.9 npm install The server code will be like this var app = require('http').createServer(handler) , io = require('').listen(app,{transports:['flashsocket', 'websocket', 'htmlfile', 'xhr-polling', 'jsonp-polling']}) , fs = require('fs'); var port = Number(81); app