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RequireJS: Getting Started

Modular programming helps to divide the application code based on the module. These programming style helps to manage as well develop the application easily. Requirejs is lightweight framework used in javascript to develop applications using the modular programming. RequireJS RequireJS is lightweight javascript framework which enables AMD(Asynchronous Module Loader). RequireJS helps to load javascript file and modules asynchronously. Apart from using in browser , it’s also be used alongside in Node projects. Why RequireJS? It’s lightweight, scalable, comes with an excellent optimising tool. Apart from these the use of  RequireJS comes handy when you need to divide and load javascript files and modules whenever they need. Suppose you had an application which have a home page, employees, and projects module. And had 3 javascript files like home.js, employees.js and projects.js. Normally in single page application you need to load these files when the page loads. Like