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Font embedding in Flash cs5

When i switched to Flash CS 5 am always confused with font embedding in Dynamic Textfield. It's different from CS4 and also not simple. So i am trying to list out the methods i used to embed fonts in flash CS Method One It's used to embed fonts for single or similar type of textfields. If the textfields were using same font and format this is effective. To do so first select the TextField and goto the properties panel. select the embed button . It will open embed window. select the glyphs needed. In this method any additional code is not needed. Method Two If you tried to embed same font with different textformat using the above method , most probably the format will not be applied. To solve this the subset of the fonts should be embedded and need format textfield using TextFormat. The code looks like this: var format:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); format.font = "Helvetica"; format.bold = true; var format3:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); format3.font =

Tapioca Leaf

Tapioca Leaf a photo by logicmania-lab on Flickr. I lost my Account details . I created new account and uploaded .