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Configure PostgreSQL and phpPgAdmin in WAMP

As i told earlier am trying to switch to Flex , i am trying to learn connection between PHP and Flex. When searched i got a excellent tutorial . But the problem is that it uses PostgreSQL. As i don't have any prior experience in PostgreSQL i try to install it in my Windows 7 and configure it in WAMP . I got different errors and spend almost two days in searching and using different methods . Atlast i got it right. I will try to figure out the steps i have done. Am using PostgreSQL 9.1 WAMP Server 2.0e phpPgAdmin 5.0.2 WAMP consists 1. Apache Version :2.2.17   2. PHP Version :5.3.5  3. MySQL Version :5.5.8 First install PostgreSQL , no need to install additional plugins like phpPgAdmin. Install WAMP server where ever you need. Download PhpPgAdmin  and unzip it to WWW folder in WAMP installation. At this point if you try to access the http://localhost/phpPgAdmin/ you may get this error. Your PHP installation does not support PostgreSQL. You need to recompile

Connecting Flex 4 with AMFPHP

These days am missing this blog coz am busy with learning Flex. When i tried to connect with AMFPHP i can't find anything useful. Most of them were vague .Using the default data connectivity in Flash Builder am more confused and it's code looks complex . Atlast i found someone helpfull from adobe forum . When i tried to implement it , it shows nothing and missing some files. When i checked the PHP file, though am not good in PHP , i found there is also something also missing. I tried and searched and corrected the files. Here is the MXML code: import; import mx.controls.Alert; import; import; import; protected function getAllEmployees_resultHandler(event: ResultEvent): void { dataGrid.dataProvider = event.result; } protected function getAllEmployeesByID_resultHandler(event: ResultEvent): void { dataGrid.dataProvider = event.result; } protected function createEmployees_result

Honey and Bee

Honey and Bee , a photo by logicmania-lab on Flickr. It's a sunny day. Bee's were busy with there breakfast. They were stealing honey from my rose

Font embedding in Flash cs5

When i switched to Flash CS 5 am always confused with font embedding in Dynamic Textfield. It's different from CS4 and also not simple. So i am trying to list out the methods i used to embed fonts in flash CS Method One It's used to embed fonts for single or similar type of textfields. If the textfields were using same font and format this is effective. To do so first select the TextField and goto the properties panel. select the embed button . It will open embed window. select the glyphs needed. In this method any additional code is not needed. Method Two If you tried to embed same font with different textformat using the above method , most probably the format will not be applied. To solve this the subset of the fonts should be embedded and need format textfield using TextFormat. The code looks like this: var format:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); format.font = "Helvetica"; format.bold = true; var format3:TextFormat = new TextFormat(); format3.font =

Tapioca Leaf

Tapioca Leaf a photo by logicmania-lab on Flickr. I lost my Account details . I created new account and uploaded .

Customizable XML based Flash image scroller

I missed this blog for more than  2-3 months. It's been a long time since i have wrote something usefull . So i created a image scroller using XML .This scroller uses TweenLite for tweening and it's simple to customise. You can add image with any size and can customize the number of images shown. I have shared the source code here. Requirements 1. Flash CS5 2. TweenLite AS3.0 It's possible to change the attributes through xml if you wanted . Read the params from xml and add to the local variable inside the function onXmlLoadComplete . //Total number of images : private var total:Number = 0; //Current item to be displayed; private var currentId:Number = 0; //The number of items to be shown ata a time: private var itemsToShow:Number = 4;

Back in action

Where am i ? I am searching for a job change and at last i found something interesting . So am back with my new success/ failure. Hope the coming articles will help someone in the future. And also now i am experimenting with Android also.