Flash FLV player using PHP

After a long experiments , i have developed another player which uses XMOOV for streaming.Actually i got this php from flashcomguru.com.I didn't change the php file instead of it i developed a player using this php.
The player will start streaming anywhere from the file and it also make the seeking operation in the cached file.

Download Source here

I have no server space so i use freewebs space ,.Pls forgive me :D

The main problem of this technology is the performance of the php server.It need a good php server which can handle more requests at a time.
Other problem is the encoding of the flv. Flv file should be added with the 'keyframes' metadata . So it need another utility called metadata injector ,which will inject metadata to the flv. It can be downloaded from here.
That's all ..... and all other ups to you.
Try this..
If you are using this file please let me know your feedback.


Unknown said…
Actually you don't need the Metadata Injector when using the official encoders, as they are already inserting those informations in.
Logicmania said…
hi tiago.

Actually i read that most of encoders don't inject the keyframes.I use on2 flix and does'nt inject keyframes.
Alexkumar said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexkumar said…
Can you give me a html file to call the SWF player and how swf player calls php file?. how does it know where is this php file?.
Logicmania said…
hi alex,

the swf is called like normal case.NO cahnge in that. PHP file will be called from the .as file. You have to give proper domain name and the path to the video only.the php file is in the server and the php file path is given inside flash.

John said…
I'm guessing your FLA file was created with Flash CS3, as I'm unable to open it with Flash 8 Pro. Would it be possible for you to save a version of it in Flash 8 format as well?

Logicmania said…
hello john,

I am sorry to disappoint you.B'coz it's difficult to convert it to flash 8.I have created it from the scratch in flash cs3.Any way i will try to make it in flash 8.Actually i have uninstalled flash 8.:(

Justin said…
I am very new I dont know how to user this

please send me your contact no or please contact me on globalprompt@gmail.com

Logicmania said…
hello Justin ,

You can contact me in logicmania@gmail.com. And u can also contact me in the blog also.
kavia said…
hi logicmania, i'm also trying to use XMOOV.php and falshcomguru swf player but i have a problem on my customer's server, during the buffering there is a moment when the load bar become completly full in a second. And when the video play it stops in that moment.
On my own server there isn't this problem, do you know if there is some php parameter that can give me this problem ??
Justin said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Justin said…
Kavia which player do you use??

Does it have fast forward and fast backward button ???

please contact me we can help each other with the help of hari
kavia said…
no, only play, mute and a button to go back at the start
Justin said…
www.jeroenwijering.com/ try this one
hope this would help you
Logicmania said…
hi kavia ,
The problem is the performance of your php web server.Actually xmoov need a high performance php server beco'z it will send so many requests at a time and the server should be able to handle this.I am not so efficient in php.

The proble u mentioned ("during the buffering there is a moment when the load bar become completly full in a second") is the problem of ur customer's server. And if once the netConnection object disconnet it need to be connected only after reloading the player.
The thing is when i tested the player in my web server in peak time i also got this problem. :D

kavia said…
thanks for the replay! so there isn't solution ? your script has the same problem ? thank you very much
Jerem said…
Hi logicmania,
I'm trying to make my own flv Player, using PHP streaming and I have the same Problem than Kavia, but on my own server too!!
I've install wampserver5 with Apache 2.2.6 and PHP 5.2.5, I inject my metadata with flvmdi 2.9.4 and i don't understand why my local server can't make me happy!! The PHP5_module of my apache is running well!!
I've seen that you're using the apache 1.3.31,I'm on Win Vista and I don't Know where is the Problem!!
Can you help me please??
kavia said…
the server which I had this problem is a wamp too, so i think this is the problem.
Jerem said…
Hi Kavia,
Thx for replay, but I have the problem with easyPHP too!!
You said that you managed to run this on your own server, can you tell me more please?(I really don't understand why it's not running on mine!)
Logicmania said…
hi Jerem ,

Actually i am not a expert in PHP.
"but on my own server too!!" did u mean a local server.I didn't try it with my local server.I only try it with original server.And it's works fine .The server is in LAMP.

And also am not so expert in server.I think its the problem of you php file.Check that file with my php or try my php file.

And in mean time i will try it in my local server.Actually i am too busy with my projects these days.Anyway i will try my level best.
Jerem said…
thx logicmania for replay
I've resolved the problem, but now all videos flv of more than 20Mo on my customer server have the problem
others little videos are well played on my player
I have the last xmoov.php, and I really don't understand where the video weight could make problem on the server
Have you some solution (bandwith? or apache server version? or any other suggestion?)
Gk said…
Dear logicmania,
Great work! I would like insert a standard flash controlbar into your movie, within all the features (like appear/hidden on mouse over). Is it possible? may you help me in some way?
Logicmania said…
Sorry for the delay in replying.Actually i am very much busy with a FLEX .I have to learn it as early as possible.B'coz i hav to develop a flex application.

hi Jerem ,
Actually i am not a php programmer.So i don't know how to solve your problem.I think the problem is some restriction in the php file.Please try to correct it with the help of any php programmer.

hi Gk ,
Yes it's possible.You can insert controll bars in the flash player.I will try to help you.
Unknown said…

Thanks for taking the time to make this. Much appreciated!

Thanks again
gk said…
Thanks logic!
I will waiting some your indication about the integration of standard Flash controller into the player. I tryed to replace the video istance with the FLVPlayback, but with a great unsuccess! I'm going crazy!!

I let you my email too, if you wish write me some usefull indication!!

I'm lookinf forward for some your answer!! thanks in advance!
Logicmania said…
hello gk
u can contact me on logicmania@gmail.com. If any one had any doubt ,can contact me.
you excuse for the pronunciation I am Italian, I wanted to say that php is not a server therefore it doesn't use the sockets, but it is a form and he/she works in the same space of memory of Apache, therefore at the end if the streaming is slow or fast it doesn't depend from the php but from Apache, the script php elaborates only the data of the file .flv that passes them to Apache, then Apache passes as usual them to the end user (through port 80)
yili360 said…
Thanks dude, i download it, and works well for me. flv to wmv mac convert
Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
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