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Flash Live Streaming Player

After a long time i am back with my player.This time i want to use my player as a live player.The changes where simple and it is handy to develop this functionality in Flash Media Server 3.I just uploaded the source and you can download it from here.

The source is developed in Adobe Flash CS3.

How to setup the player?

1. Install Flash MediaServer 3
2. Install Adobe Flash Media encoder 2.5
3. Check there is an application called live in your Application folder in the FMS installation directory.
4. Attach any video device(webcam) to the computer.
5. Start FMS and Media Encoder
6. Check Stream to Flash Media Server section in media endcoder
7. set the FMS url "rtmp://localhost/live/" and Stream "livestream"
8. Check the You can the stream name and application in it.
9. Start the media encoder

that's all ready to check the player. Enjoy it....
feel free to contact me for help...I will try my level best...


Unknown said…
This is the best i have seen so far...
INFOO Timisoara said…
i want to stream live but if i am on an another station i can't connect to the server.i've changed "rtmp://localhost/live/" and it doesn't work. thanks
Sporoom said…
Hmm yes i have the same problem. I have change on *.ac file with my on rtmp and nothing i can't make it to work. Any help ?
vinay t said…
Thanks boss thank you very much..
vinay t said…
Can you help me..I do have some doubts..Actually it is for the first time iam doing this app and iam not clear with the concept.See what i understood is the live streaming videos and Audios will be put into the FMS(remote server) and this would be streamed to the Media player..All this would be done by the FMS Server and their programmers What we should care is only the flv files that reaches the Media PlayerSo we program at this end So we can build a media player without much stress,care about its skin and can connect to the FMS Server using netconnect.source="http://whatever"..Can you tell me am i right with the concept Actually i have to do a player to a client and this would be put in a website so that they can stream live videos..
Unknown said…
Wow man, THank you for this free player.

Best, keep it up
camel-xp said…
This is the best flash rtmp player I ever seen, Thank You very much for the source files, I am using it on my little online TV station, and I improved that player too, its connected with my website, using php+txt files and dynamically reads the values from them, even if your web browser dont allow to load live data :P
Logicmania said…
camel_xp, best of luck
camel-xp said…
Thank you, you can see it in action at:
Logicmania said…
camel_xp it's good to see :)
jayesh sidhwani said…

Can you tell me where are the trace comments coming from? I'm not able to zero-in on those.

The comments are like "NetConnection.Connect.Success"

The .as file is not throwing any trace as far as I have checked. It's coming from the time line actions.

Can you help me find it?

Logicmania said…
hello Jayesh,

I created this player way before . I really don't remember the code at all.i think it's in .
Code may be like, trace(info.code)
checkout for the statusnet() function.
A perfect info source. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic
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jothikumar said…
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