External models in Papervision3D

I think am taking a bit more interest in Actionscript 3.0 . Coz now am trying Papervision3D . The thing attracted me most is the
loading of external model to flash . So i searched google and got this book.

I got what am looking for , in the free chapter . First i can't understand a word from that .Coz i have little
exposure in 3D. So i worked with my genius designer and after a a long struggle am able to load the external models to flash.

I decided to document the steps. For this you need these

1. Flash professional

2. Autodesk 3D studio

3. Papervision3D

4. Collada plugin
You can use 2 plugin's one is from here

and another from open collada

better use opencollada as it is has less dependancies. The former one requires updating the VC and DirectX .

Download it from here

While installing the collada plugin you may get errors when you open 3D max. Just try to reinstall the Vc and Directx again and again .This is why i insisit to use opencollada.

The 3D part

1. create a model like box in 3dStudio max. Don't forget to set x and y to 0.

2. Goto modify UvWmapping .
3. Open Material editor apply bitmap material

4. goto render settings , add diffuse map to it

5. Then save the map as png or jpg

6. and render the object

7. Save it in collada. Don't export it in Autodesk Collada format. Use opencollada or colladamax

The Flash Part .

1. Create a new Flash document

2. Add the document Class as Main

3. Copy the Main.as to the folder where you saved the fla.

4. copy the dae and material image to the folder .

5. compile it and enjoy

Don't forget to add the papervision engine to it...

Baking of the texture helps to reduse the size of material. Well in Web scenario size matters .. :D

I think it's not complete one as am not sure about the 3D part. It's done by my genius designer. Well if you have any suggetions please
convey it to me . Am just trying to gather the information i got from different places.


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