Customizable XML based Flash image scroller

I missed this blog for more than  2-3 months. It's been a long time since i have wrote something usefull .

So i created a image scroller using XML .This scroller uses TweenLite for tweening and it's simple to customise. You can add image with any size and can customize the number of images shown.
I have shared the source code here.

1. Flash CS5

2. TweenLite AS3.0

It's possible to change the attributes through xml if you wanted .
Read the params from xml and add to the local variable inside the function onXmlLoadComplete .
//Total number of images :
private var total:Number = 0;

//Current item to be displayed;
private var currentId:Number = 0;

//The number of items to be shown ata a time:
private var itemsToShow:Number = 4;


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