Building my Desktop

 Yes It's been 4 years since I have wrote anything in this blog. Lets start with the recent experience  building my desktop. I have been using laptops for last 15 years. This time I chose to have a desktop and that ended in nightmares. 

My spec looks like this.

  1. AMD Ryzen 5 5600G
  2. ASUS TUF Gaming B550-PLUS
  3. G.Skill F4-3600C18D-16GVK
  4. Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200 RPM
  5. Adata XPG Gammix S50 Lite 512GB M.2 NVMe Gen4
  6. Fractal design Meshify C
  7. Corsair VS450
My requirements were simpler, no gaming, no video only developing. I need more cores and a basic graphic card with dual display. So went for AMD. Purchased on 17 Nov 2021 from MD Computers. Got the items withing couple of days. Build and installation went without any problems. 

My first nightmare started after the first shutdown. Once I shutdown the PC and restarted after a couple of minutes and I got AMD timeout error. Initially I didn't care about the issue. But after sometime the PC got stuck and freeze. Had to manually restart everything. I tried clean installation of AMD graphics drivers, disabling fast boot , but no luck. After some try I finally able to work the system without the graphic driver. The system works fine with Windows basic display.

Later I found out that my Power LED on Meshify is not working. Contacted their TECH support and right away they shipped replacement kit, which I didn't received. Again contacted them and sent out another one and I got it and working fine.

I contacted AMD tech support. They sent some instructions to diagnose the problem. After sending the error details they have came into conclusion that CPU may have some issue. So they insisted on RMA. I raised the RMA and after a lot of photographs they accepted the RMA. My first RMA approved on 24 Jan 2022.

In the mean time I tested to enable DOCP profile for RAM and it's failed miserably. So I contacted the ASUS and they insisted on RMA . SO i took it to the service center for RMA. 

Unfortunately before handing over the MOBO and CPU my SSD stopped working. So I contacted MD Computers and they told me to send the SSD to them. It cost me 700 to ship the item back to them. Also in the mean time I purchased a Samsung SSD 256 GB for testing and it works. Thanks to MD Computers and ADATA they replaced the SSD with XPG Gammix S70 1TB.

First I got a new CPU and new MOBO. Thanks to ASUS and AMD. I started assembling again. To my disappointing the system failed again. The same issue happened and I reissued RMA for both of them and it accepted right away. That's in Feb 2022. 

Got the replacement and assembled again. This time one of my RAM didn't detected. So I tried with a single kit. One kit is detecting but not enabling DOCP. Other is not at all detecting. I tried on A2,B2 slots and one kit works fine and I tried stress performance test and everything works fine. But DOCP is enabling on A1,B1. Anyway I contacted ASUS again and they are looking into the issue. 

By this time I got a hint that this might be a RAM issue. So i went for GSkill Support and my real nightmare started there. They sent me RMA form and I had to ship the item to Taiwan. 😡 Again I contacted MD Computers and they told me send the kit. I shipped the item to MD Computers. Finally i got an answer from MDComputers. GSkill rejected my RMA. They said its working fine. 😡.


Yes they were the real problem and they were no supportive. Moral of the story GSkill sucks.

In the meantime I really want to thank MD Computers for their support. It was absolutely great. Million Thanks MDComputers

Also the support for ASUS and AMD was very good. Only thing they need more Quality Control before releasing a new CPU/MOBO. Definitely there is some lack of responsibility from these companies. I went for parts which is listed in their QVL. Still it had some issue which I think they will fix. But their RMA is flawless.

Am still waiting for my RAM to be back. Any way I going to run the system on 8GB until i have the money to buy a new Corsair RAM.

Moral of the Story. 

Don't buy GSkill. Their Warranty sucks. Their Product sucks.
Always go for good brands like ASUS,AMD,SAMSUNG.
And a million thanks to MD Computers



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